Passionately curious about Travel & Lifestyle by Jiere. A Bangkok born, Helsinki based enthusiast.

Design has been my profession since university. A profession that allows me to discover myself and to seek beauty in the world around us.  Throughout these years I have been lucky to have chances to pack my passport, camera and then travel to destinations I have dreamt of since I was young.

Amé Story was born out of my desire to put together what I see, love and experience. This blog is to showcase memorable people and places, to add the good to life, and to fuel dreams of yours and mine. There are things that I would love to share with you from my sentiment and hopefully they’ll be useful to someone who shares the same passion with me.

For its name, this blog owes to Amé, a poor puppy who truly has made her journey. In a rainy night in bustling Bangkok, someone threw her out of the window of a moving car. I was out there, that’s where we became family and that’s where one story started.